One Fyfe Flat White Linen Tablecloth


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One Fyfe partner with makers around the world to source a range of high-quality products for you and your home. By not bulk ordering and shipping stock then storing it in warehouses like a traditional retailer we are able to keep our prices lower and minimise waste and carbon emissions. Read more about our delivery and how we partner with makers here and our progress on sustainability here.

Product details

Our relaxed stripe linen table cloth, with tassel edge detail, will add texture and style to your table. Made from high quality linen-cotton blend it is perfect for casual dining and looks lovely when paired wood platters and white dinnerware.

Material: 55% Linen and 45% cotton. 

How do I choose my table cloth size?

We recommend 30cm overhang for the perfect sized table cloth. Measure the length of your table and add 30cm for each end or 60cm in total. Do the same with the width. That means a table which is 80cm long and 140cm wide would need a table cloth 140cm x 200cm. 

How should I care for my tablecloth?

This tablecloth is made from natural linen so it can loose a little colour and shrink slightly in its first wash. Always wash at 30 degrees or less. Spraying with water then iron if you want to remove the natural linen creases.

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