Our favourite sunscreens and why we love them

Long leisurely walks, family fishing trips or messing around at the beach the team at One Fyfe love to be outside enjoying everything our wonderful country has to offer as often as we can.

But how can we keep our family safe in the New Zealand sun while also making a sustainable choice? We definitely don't want to swap harsh UV for harsh chemicals, and we don't want our sunscreen choice to affect the natural environment we are lucky enough to enjoy. 

We've done our research and here are our favourite family-friendly and planet-friendly sunscreens you can trust.


First up is Coola

Why we love it:

Coola have both classic and minerals suncreens which are made from 70% organic ingredients (NB, Coola do count water in this measurement). They are antioxidant enriched, reef friendly, vegan and cruelty-free. They also have a farm to face policy, and use sustainably sourced, certified organic and non-GMO ingredients. We love the super lightweight feel with lots of different SPF 50 formulations to choose from and the continuous spray sunscreen is a perfect for wriggly or super ticklish toddlers!

Next is Oasis Sun

Why we love it: 

Oasis Sun is made in NZ by Stephanie Evans and is vegan and certified cruelty free. Oasis Sun is available in a range of formulations and SPF strengths including an SPF 50, designed for the strong sunlight and severe UV conditions in New Zealand.

Oasis Sun is packed with natural ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamin E to help protect and moisturise. The 500ml jumbo pump pack is perfect for slathering the whole family before a day at the beach. It's also widely available meaning you can easily find it in most pharmacies. 

And finally we have a unicorn in the sunscreen world, Goodbye Ouch Sun Balm 

Why we love it: 

Have you ever noticed how many skincare products list water as the main ingredient? Not Goodbye Ouch Sun Balm. Its ultra-concentrated, antioxidant rich and completely water free so a little goes a long, long way! 

Goodbye Ouch Sun Balm is made in NZ by Becky Cashman, marine safe and certified natural by BioGro. This certification is not artificially inflated because water is not included as an ingredient.

Becky's Sun Balm is fully tested to the ASNZ sunscreen standard and offers SPF50 protection. Yes! It is possible to have a high performance sunscreen that is certified natural! And this is why Goodbye Ouch Sun Balm is our go to.

Just like One Fyfe, Goodbye Ouch are also members of 1% for the planet, so you can feel even more confident you are supporting a sustainable business when you choose this sunscreen. 



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