5 favourite games for long car rides

There's a long weekend approaching which means an opportunity to get away.... and likely a long car drive! Our kids will happy chatter or listen to music but after a while boredom and bickering can set in. We love using games to keep car trips fun and connect as a family. Below are our 5 favourite games for long car rides.

1. Counting colours

Each person picks a car colour and the first person to spot ten cars in their colour wins. Everyone picks a new colour and the game starts again. Do your kids start noticing that some colours are much more popular and help them win the game?

2. Alphabet eye spy

Pick a letter and challenge the kids to spy as many things as they can which start with that letter both inside and outside the car. Mix it up and really challenge them by giving them a phonic sound to search for ie sh, ch. 

3. Road trip bingo

Make up your own sheet or print off one from online. It could include animals, types of vehicles, trees or landmarks. 

4. I'm going on holiday and I'm packing...

Someone starts this game by saying "I'm going on holiday and I'm packing.. then names one item. Each person in the car repeats the sentence, listing each previous item and adding their own additional item. The memory game continues until someone can't recall all the items.

5. License plate game

Use the letters and numbers of a number plate to make up the names and ages for kids in a family. For example GFZ217 could be Gary is 2, Freddie is 1 and Zoe is 7. Once a name has been used it can't be repeated so names get increasingly imaginative!

We are also big fans of audio books on long drives and you find our 5 favourite audio books here and audio books for tweens here

What does your family do on long car trips? Let us know in the comments below!

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